Artist Stephanie Fehrenbach - Oceanside Art Gallery

Born and raised in Toronto, ON, Stephanie Fehrenbach has loved creating art since an early age. She received her BFA Honours Degree from Queen’s University and now works as a full-time visual artist in Kitchener-Waterloo where she lives with her husband and their very active toddler. She finds her greatest inspiration in the beautiful colours and forms found in nature. Time spent outdoors has always brought her joy: lush gardens, gathering a bouquet of fresh flowers or even a simple walk along a wooded path in her neighbourhood allows her to tune out the busy world and reflect inward. 

Her mission is to capture these moments on canvas and invite a similar joy and introspection in the viewer.  Through a process of layering she playfully fills her pieces with abundant arrays of colourful blooms and foliage, generously applying thick layers of oil so they appear alive and thriving against the neutral background.