I am a visual artist living in Sooke, B.C.  Having come from a small town by the sea.  My cottage was on Gordon’s Beach named “Tigh  Beau Na Mara” and my backyard contained otters, seals, seagulls and the crashing waves.

For the past twenty years I have been painting in between the ups and downs  of careers, family and friends.  Now, with my daughters grown and gone,  it is back to just me, my husband Brad, our dog and painting full-time.

When describing my personality I prefer the word eccentric.  I cry over any hint of a Cinderella-like story and eat way too much chocolate.

I love people and my husband says that I am always trying to save the world. My paintings I am told are visual stories, which must come from my family and a long line of story-tellers. To create these stories, the juxtaposition of opposing elements are used in the way of light, temperature, shape and texture.

Goals:  To paint from the heart, travel, and save the world.