French Artist, Mélanie Simard was born in Quebec City and now lives and works in Fossambault-sur-le-Lac. She studied Fine Art at Cegep Sainte-Foy and Offset and Screen Printing at Decouvreurs School, Quebec. Her art was published in International Contemporary Masters 7 book and she most recently had a personal show, Voyage Des Couleurs, at the Mahlstedt Gallery in New Rochelle, NY, May 2017.

Signature Simard
This series includes Mélanie’s abstract works. Free, vigorous lines create a world full of meanings that are offered to each viewer to internatilze and decode. Original materials and tools produce exceptional textures and rich surface. Simard buffs, sands, scratches, scrapes the aluminum sheet reaching a startling result. The metal surface becomes ground for new meanings and ideas to emerge and become experienced. Time is suspended and only the horizon line is left to connect you to reality.