Masood has had a lifelong infatuation with art. He went through formal art training back home in Karachi, Pakistan and came to Canada in 1999.  He continued his long journey  with art in his new beloved adopted land of Canada obtaining a diploma in fine art at Central Technical  School.
Masood loves to live the life of a painter and despite the vicissitudes of life, he has faithfully perused  his passion in painting.
His aspiration is to keep the fire in his heart going and learn and translate his journey  ahead with the start of every new day.

Artist’s Statement

I love colours, shapes, design and paint. Painting is my first and last love. It’s what I do on the format of the pattern if it attracts viewers attention and takethe spectator on a journey through the different elements of the painting and engages the viewer as if he or she is embarking along a long trek on its own perhaps like in olden days when the travellers went through all the ups and downs of the ordeals of their trek with hazards and perils which eventually will be the thrill and reasons for that very adventure, and when that happens with the spectators attention travelling through my painting then itwhat I deem my success.