Artist’s Statement
The slowness of painting allows me to fully embody my relationship with the world around me, and communicate with you. Is there anything more than this moment to consider? Details often overlooked in life can be profound and nuanced. Artists like Georgia O’Keeffe, Mary Pratt and Joan Semmell have demonstrated that daily personal experience is a solid place to work from. So, I’ve learned to trust my eye. Whatever attracts will find meaning in good time.

My realist visual language comes naturally from a kind of classical upbringing where patience and control were encouraged. At the same time, I question tradition, so there is tension. I tend to magnify my subjects and use formal interventions: close cropping, fragmentation and compression that seem to naturally reflect my life experience. I also allow myself to take a step back for perspective, adjusting to a longer focus to challenge this myopic. Ultimately, I yearn for poetic ambiguity, towards a bit of mystery, even if it takes awhile to connect the dots.