I was born and raised in Beautiful BC. I studied Design at Colorado Institute of Art in Denver Colorado, finishing up years later in Vancouver BC, with a degree in fashion design. Though mainly self-taught,

I have continued to study art and design over the years and give credit to all of the amazing artists who have taught me along the way.

I paint in a style I have called Nouveau 7. It is an amalgamation of our very own Canadian group of seven, and the Art Nouveau movement, with its organic flowing lines of the early 1900’s. My paintings also have a touch of West-Coast feel. I have always appreciated the perfected line work and shapes in West-Coast art and have incorporated this element into my art as well. Japanese minimalism, also has a place. I want the detail to add to, not take away from each painting, so for me a little less is more. I focus more on the balance of light and dark and the overall harmony in each painting. I do my best to capture the viewer with strong colors and shape. My aim being, to draw your eyes in and around, hopefully eliciting a feeling of peace or happiness at a remember moment in time.

I paint to share beauty, peace and calm. I will always strive to be a better artist, and will continue to paint until the very end of my days. Art is my passion. I hope to give a fresh modern look to the Canadian Landscape.