Immersing myself in my environment, painting what I see for hours, days… returning again to the same place is a process that provides so much understanding and helps me visualize what I see. I interpret the landscape from my heart, from that sense of being surrounded by nature. I find the vastness of the West Coast provides me with a deep sense of belonging, of gratitude and most of all, a sense of myself.

Art gives my life balance and once I have completed an image I can walk away [art for art’s sake]. Each painting is a challenge to create the best work I have ever done. This never ending pursuit pushes me to grow, progress and constantly take on challenges.

A whole new layer of meaning: as a professional landscape artist I draw my main source of inspiration from the pristine beauty of our West Coast. Preserving this natural untouched wilderness is important. I have visited and continue to visit the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s protected lands. These lands gave me a strong sense of how majestic and inspiring these areas are. Capturing what I see visually in my paintings gives me the chance to share areas of our country that very few have the chance to visit. These artworks hold images of land that will always remain beautiful, raw and untouched. I am extremely proud to be an official supporter for the Nature Conservancy of Canada and I contribute a part of my sales to make a difference. By providing the funds to preserve an acre/year it is my way of showing how grateful I am to spend my time in this part of the world.

Corrinne Wolcoski has painted for over 40 years, completing her first paid commission at the age of fourteen. Her work is held in collections across the globe as well as being featured in numerous auctions and exhibits.