Cathryn Jenkins currently lives and works in Vancouver and Bowen Island, BC, as an award winning Canadian artist, known for her large sculptures of Canadian Wildlife.

As the daughter of prominent Canadian sculptor, Fran Jenkins, Cathryn spent many hours in her mother’s studio learning about the qualities of different stone and the relationship between the artist and medium while gaining an understanding of line, form and the joy of sculpture.

Her own stylized representational forms, in stone and bronze combine the pleasure of touch and the appeal of strong line. The skillful union of these key elements, consistently present in all of Cathryn’s work, allows the creation of unmatched, timless works of art.

All of Jenkin’s work is to be touched! Its tactile appeal becomes a part of the living area for which it is created. Her sculpture becomes an integral part of it’s space; a familiar presence to which an understanding and relationship soon develops.

Cathryn’s series of sought after wildlife sculptures contiunue to hold places of pride among any private and corporate collections.